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Since its start in 2010, Timelab works with artists in residency combined with a local makers lab community. Velocity, distance, culture, tempo, practice, language, motivation and goal-orientation were tensions brought to the surface over the past 7 years. These tensions were the driver to set up a recurrent reflection with affiliated artists.  

Issue of ownership, livelihood, art institution and production topics for discussions. What would art as a commons look like today? What would be the effect on the individual, the network, the value system and the institution?


Despite the complex exercise, within these moments of reflection the roots of a new approach are taking hold. Inspired by the work of Michel Bauwens in Gent in 2017, a group of artists started a trajectory of reflection about what the residency could be within the commons and how this could be brought into practice in Timelab and elsewhere. A guiding principle that we would later describe as the contributive logic became the roots of a new perspective.


Every year, a sprint reflects on the past year of the organization and defines questions and issues to be addressed in the future work. It is organized in a collective way by the group of affiliated artists. Besides the in-depth debates, participants to this Sprint sessions produce transferable knowledge and tools for Timelab and partner organisations dealing with the same issues on how to make our research and residency places more sustainable?

SPRINT #001 - SPRING 2017

22-24 MAY 2017

First edition 2 days sprint with Zeljko Blace, Vasilis Niaros, Stefan Klein, Marc Buchy, Vladimir Miller, Hana Miletic, Michel Bauwens, Evi Swinnen

Full Report

SPRINT #001 - FALL 2017

23-24 NOV 2017

Second edition 2 days sprint with Z Blace, Andrew Paterson, Rasa Alksnyte, Robbert&Frank, Marc Buchy, Vanessa Brazeau, Vladimir Miller, Evi Swinnen, Geert Vandermeersch

Full Report

SPRINT #003 - FALL 2018

19-20 DEC 2018

Third edition 2 days sprint with Z Blace, Rasa Alksnyte, Vanessa Brazeau, Stefan Klein, Evi Swinnen

SPRINT #004 - SPRING 2019

19-20 DEC 2018

Forth edition 10 days sprint with Z Blace, Rasa Alksnyte, Vanessa Brazeau, Stefan Klein, Evi Swinnen, Yolande, Delphine Hesters, Stephane Louis-Alexis-Borel, Andrew Paterson, Dette van Zeeland, Bart Grugeon Plana

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-01 om 19.01.05.


Any feedback on this project, but also contributions are welcome!

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