Commoning the Institution

"Commoning the Institution, was composed of an assembly of artists, activists, curators, critics, collaboratives, and experimental practitioners oriented towards the commons.

For the season, we invited proposals that rethink the relationship between the individual and the institution, asking questions such as: How does an artist, critic, or curator reshape an institution’s practice, its publics, or its politics? How do practices of care and collaboration reshape the institution? How do we work past the individual economies of the art world and advance new conceptions of the commons? And, finally, how do the forms of organizing in or as art institutions model new ways of working, new communities, and new constitutions? Selected participants proposed to rewrite our institutional language, host VR summits on alternative practices, initiate conversations on feminist arts organizing, and imagine prefigurative forums for art's funding, creation, and circulation.

Throughout the year-long exploration, we will convene conversations, exhibitions, publications, and public interventions to offer a series of exercises, footholds, and forward movements towards an arts institution of the commons. In this, the residency is itself multiple, as we all are, and operates within, outside, and, at times, against the singular institution of The Luminary, resisting a celebration of CV’s and instead working towards alternate strategies. This is the official list of participants, but there is a much larger cohort of the commons to be mobilized and matured, including perhaps - you." Artist profiles listed:


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